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northern lights finlandTHE NORTHERN LIGHTS FINLAND


Finland is a sovereign state in Northern Europe with thousands of lakes and islands.  The Saimaa Lake which is the largest lake in the country is the fourth largest lake in Europe. The country has many attractions including northern lights finland which have been serving as a center of attraction to a lot of visitors from around the world. The country contains 37 national parks from the southern shores of the Gulf of Finland to the high fells of Lapland. The landscape is also covered with rolling hills and pine forests.

One of the most popular attractions in Finland is the aurora borealis. The northern lights Finland can be seen in Lapland which is the northernmost and largest part of Finland. Every year, about 160, 000 tourists travel to Lapland having the hope of seeing the amazing northern lights. The northern lights can be seen 200 nights a year, in Finland.

northern lights finland

The thrill of witnessing the Finland northern light is a once in a lifetime experience for many. The northern lights in Finland shine about every other clear night and can be seen between September and March. The Finland northern lights tend to occur when the sky is clear and starry, between 9pm to 2am. There is an added bonus of snow-covered landscape for snowmobiling and husky sledding in March.

Even though the percentage of the aurora nights rapidly decreases the further south you go, you can also see the aurora for 10-20 days a year during periods when there are high solar activities in southern Finland. At least, you have about 5% chance of seeing the aurora in Helsinki, which is located in southern Finland.


A lot of aurora borealis happens in Finland because in the northern hemisphere there is a region in the upper part of the earth called the “Aurora Oval”. The northern light occurs within this area of the earth which is even further north than the Arctic Circle.

The Finland northern lights can start displaying at any time during the night and also end whenever the Mother Nature wants or decides.


In Lapland Finland, fantasy and reality can be reliable; therefore there are many places where you can see the aurora in Finland.a


The northern lights Finland can be seen in Rovaniemi which is the capital of Lapland in northern Finland. You can view the aurora in Rovaniemi through various ways such as:

  • Taking to the skies for aurora hunting in the airplane
  • Floating in an icy lake while looking up at the amazing Lapland northern lights
  • Staying in the arctic glass igloos located at half an hour from Rovaniemi city center.
  • Taking a snowmobile tour
  • Shoe snowing

You can also see the aurora in this place from The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel. It has 37 TreeHouses that have warm wooden interiors which can provide you a spectacular view of the northern lights Finland.


This place is the northernmost town of Lapland. The Finland northern lights shine in the sky as many as three nights out of four during the winter. Utsjoki is said to be the easiest spot to see the northern lights in Finland.


It is another place where you can see the amazing aurora. You can admire the beauty of the bright starry sky and the northern lights from the glass igloos in The Hotel Kakslauttanen Finland. The complete lack of light pollution and sparse trees shows millions of stars each night and offers incredible and amazing views of the aurora in the pick of the winter months.

Some other places where you can see the northern lights Finland are:

  • Sodankylä, which is one of the top places to see the spectacular light in the sky. The Finland’s national observatory of northern lights is also located here.
  • Ivalo
  • Nellim which is located on the opposite shore of Lake Inari
  • Kilpisjarvi

You can also see the aurora from some hotels such as:

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