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If you are aspiring for your cup of fun and happiness to be filled to the brim, Iceland is one of the places on earth where you can fulfill the dream. Iceland which is also known as a young geological land is a Nordic Island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. This country is Europe’s second largest island and the word’s eighteenth largest island with a sparse population. It is located on both the Mid-Atlantic ridge and Iceland hotspot. There are many things that can provide you fun in Iceland. These are the national museum of Iceland, the sun voyager, Dynjandi waterfall, the Gullfoss, the Blue lagoon, the northern lights and much more. Though there a lot of fantastic and amazing things to do in Iceland, the northern lights Iceland is an added bonus.northern lights iceland


One of the biggest draws of visiting Iceland is the aurora. The northern lights in Iceland are one of the unpredictable and elusive attractions the country has.


To see the aurora in Iceland, darkness and clear sky are the main factors. You can see the northern lights from September to mid-April because they are months with full dark nights. Most times, between the months, November to February is recommended because they are the darkest months with the highest possibility of seeing the aurora even though these months can have a lot of snow and rain.

Sometimes you can also see the northern lights earlier than expected in August as soon as the weather conditions are favorable and the night’s skies get dark enough. For them to be easily spotted, it should be crisp and cool outside with a small moon.

For you to get the best odds of seeing the northern lights Iceland, staying at least seven nights in Iceland will be better. This is because the aurora tends to be active for two to three nights and then become low for four to five nights. Therefore, how long you can stay in the country will determine your chance of seeing the auroras.

The best time to see the aurora in Iceland is between 21:00 to 03:00. Although you can see them during the nights and early in the evening.

northern lights iceland


The aurora can be seen or viewed from different places in Iceland and some of these places are:


Watching the northern lights Iceland dancing in the skies of Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon is one of the best and amazing experiences you can have in life. This place is located in the southeast of Iceland. If you want to visit this side of Iceland to see the Aurora, it will take you 5-6 hours drive from Reykjavík.


This place is one of the popular northern lights destinations in Iceland. Landmannalaugar which is known for its surrounding landscape and its natural geothermal hot springs is located in the highlands of Iceland. You have to plan carefully when visiting this place. It requires 4×4 vehicles to access it during the winter and also, it is not opened all year round.


If you are looking for a place as good as anywhere in Iceland to view the Aurora, Flateyri which is a town in Westfjords can give you a good view of the light. This town is further north than Reykjavík and it is characterized with close to zero light pollution. The northern lights hunt is made convenient in this place because the location lies within 30 minutes driving distance of five different fjords. Therefore, if one is clouded you can easily drive to the next one.


You can create an unforgettable holiday by visiting the Borgarnes to see the northern lights Iceland. It lies in the middle of west Iceland and it is located at about 75 km from Reykjavík city center. You can capture the light from many locations such as lakes, waterfalls, buildings, mountains and other imaginable places.


You can view and capture the aurora from places like Seltjarnarnes and Perlan inside the Reykjavík area. The Seltjarnarnes is a relatively uninhabited peninsula. However, Perlan is a great place close to downtown that makes available a great view of the city and night sky.


The amazing aurora in Iceland can also be viewed while sitting on the black beach at the town of Vík. You have the chance of listening to the ocean waves while watching the aurora come alive.

The aurora can also be seen from hotels in Iceland. These hotels are not only great places to view the aurora but they also feature many activities and amazing natural sights. These hotels are:

  • Hotel Rangá which is a four-star luxury hotel located in south coast, Iceland
  • A friendly hotel with beautiful and astonishing village suites located in south Iceland, Hotel Glymur .
  • Hotel Gullfoss which is located right in the heart of golden circle and next to the famous and amazing waterfall.
  • Drangsnes is also called the northern lights paradise. It is located in west fjords and it has great hot tubs for viewing the lights.

northern lights iceland

Furthermore, you can view the northern lights Iceland in different ways. It can be by walking, by car and it can be on tour. Either you are working, driving a car or going on a tour, the aurora in Iceland is unusually very high. So you stand to get the best of the views as you wish.


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