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Norway is a nation of practically unimaginable characteristic magnificence – from its children’s story like fjords to its ice sheet levels, to its amazing mountain sceneries. These prompt it being a standout amongst the most delightful nations on the planet. Beside this normal view, Norway additionally has such a great amount to offer to their guests. Part of which includes the Northern lights because the arctic Norway is located in the middle of the aurora zone. Out of all the northern lights Norway that has been seen, the Northern lights Tromsø have been found to be the most appealing to the public.

northern lights norway

Lately, the Oslo northern lights were seen and it was found to be a unique aurora, even though it is apparently very rare to see the aurora in the far south.

You can see aurora borealis Norway in many places in Norway. You can see the amazing Norway northern lights between early September and early April. No doubt, it is highly visible in March, September, and October. You can it only when the sky is dark. To boost your odds of seeing the Northern Lights in Norway, there are some places you can visit.

northern lights norway

Where to see the Northern lights Norway


Senja is one of the places where the Norway aurora borealis can be seen. It is Norway’s second biggest island which offers a scene eminent for its untainted excellence. Around the evening time, you can sit in a straightforward manner in front of the fjord harbor while waiting for the Aurora to reveal itself. Shroud of light are appeared over the mountains and reflected in the waters of the fjord underneath.


The city of Alta is famous for its aurora borealis as well; to such an extent that one of the main aurora borealis observatories was built here in the nineteenth Century. You can see the northern lights Norway in Atlas. You can see the brilliant blue lights and contrast in the middle of winter. Above all, this place is also known as “The town of the Northern lights”.


Similarly, Kirkenes has the comparable charms of Alta. It has the vibe of an outskirts town dwelling not a long way from the fringe of Russia. Given Kirkenes’ area around 70 degrees north of the Arctic Circle, you stand more than a decent shot of seeing the lights from here. Also, exercises to search out these lights by means of snowmobile or snowshoe can be masterminded.


This is one of the best places on earth to view the aurora. No doubt, it is a charming and lively city where the highest possibilities of seeing the Tromsø northern lights are offered. The arctic town is located in the middle of the aurora borealis zone in Arctic Norway.

Furthermore, you can see the Norway aurora in places like Lofoten Islands. Here, the magical aurora borealis often blink across the night sky during the winter. In addition, you can see the northern lights in Norway in places such as Lakselv, Narvik, Harstad, Bodø, and Andøya. You can get more information on when and where to see the aurora in Norway here


Finally, Norway is one of the ideal areas for the individuals who need some really rare landscape, alongside impeccable aurora potential and the opportunity to appreciate the best Arctic exercises on offer.

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