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Are you looking for the best place to have fun? Sweden is one of the places in the world where you can get about 100% assurance of fun. It is a Scandinavian country in northern Europe which borders Finland to the east and Norway to the west. Sweden is the northern Europe’s most sparsely populated country with unspoiled, endless and captivating wilderness. Presently, the landscape is high on natural wonders. Part of which includes the vast mountainous backdrop of Abisko, the park ice fields of Luleå Archipelago, the sweeping Tärendö River, and the amazing northern lights Sweden.

northern lights sweden

Sweden is a very good place to begin if seeing the Northern lights is at the top of your wish list. Of course, it is one of the best places in the world to view the aurora. The colorful aurora borealisSweden is an amazing, awe-inspiring, wonderful, magical and enchanting aurora. You can see it in Lapland which is the northernmost part of Sweden. The aurora in Sweden Lapland can help you fulfill your dream of having a memorable holiday.

The northern lights in Sweden outflow across the arctic skies in the country. However, this happens when charged particles that are discharged by the sun get to the earth’s atmosphere through solar winds and then collide with gaseous particles. Due to the proximity of the Swedish Lapland to the magnetic north, it makes it a hot spot for the aurora borealis.

When to see the northern lights Sweden

You can see the aurora in Sweden during the winter months. It occurs all over Swedish Lapland around the beginning of September to ending of March or early April. If you are eager to see the aurora in Sweden, the best chance of seeing or viewing them is on winter nights. When the weather is cold and the sky is clear with the absence of cloudiness and with little or no moonlights.

The city’s lights can negatively affect the effect of the northern lights in Sweden; therefore it will be the best to move out to the countryside. There, you will have a better view of the amazing aurora. The northern lights Sweden have its strongest display between 22:00 pm to 23:00 pm. No doubt, It can be seen at most locations in Swedish Lapland on clear nights.

Places where you can see the aurora in Sweden

There are some best places to see the phenomenon in Sweden. If you are willing to brave the cold winter nights, some of these places are:

Jukkasjärvi and the Torne Valley

Jukkasjärvi is a village which owns the world’s first ice hotel. It is one of the best places to see the auroras. So, don’t allow the small population to fool you. Guided tours are organized by the Estrange Space center where you can get the chance of scanning the arctic winter sky and seeing the northern lights. The ice hotel also makes available northern lights flights for you to get closer and watch through the window of the airplane.

Also, the neighboring villages of Vittangi and Nikkaluokta, the areas around Lake Poustijärvi and the Tornedalen region are generally the right place to view the auroras. You can venture into the surrounding wilderness for sky watching through snowmobile tips and night dog-sledding.

Abisko National Park

This place is a primary location for seeing the aurora. It is located at a couple of kilometers north of Kiruna. Abisko has its own micro climate which makes it fit for viewing the light. This is because of the patch of sky above the Torneträsk Lake that most of the time remains clear despite the overcast weather in surrounding areas. Also, you can see the aurora in the Abisko national park by taking a chair-lift up to the aurora sky station.

Porjus and Laponia

Strangely enough, Porjus a principal location or spot for seeing the auroras. This is due to the clear and cold night with little light pollution from surrounding houses makes. This place provides you with a wilderness mountain cabin situated on a frozen lake in the Lapland mountainous area. Also, a comfortable lodge beautifully situated at the river an in addition, a Cosy budget cabin situated at the edge of Lapland forest.

Furthermore, there are some other places where you can view the northern light Sweden and these are:

Finally, as long as you are ready to fulfill one of your greatest dreams, you should prepare for the night cold because nothing surpasses seeing the northern lights from these places in Sweden.

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