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Fulfilling your dream of seeing the wonders of the world including the northern lights UK can be achieved by visiting the United Kingdom. This is a place surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The English Channel to the south and the North Sea to its east. The United Kingdom is also called Great Britain. It is made up of four countries which are Wales, Scotland, North Ireland, and England.



If you think you have seen all the attractive things or places in the world, you are making a mistake. The UK provides a lot of astonishing attractions that can make your heart skip. These are available from roller coasters to adventure trails. Some of the things or places that are always ready to give you the happiness needed and also help fulfill your dream of seeing some of the wonders of the world are the natural history museum, Tower of London, London zoo, the Aurora and much more.

Standing as one of the attractions in the UK, the northern lights can also be easily seen in the UK just like some other countries around the world. You can make seeing the northern lights UK top of your wish list. You will be surprised that with just a little luck the aurora will be seen.

When to see the northern lights UK

In the UK, the aurora is not visible all the time and it is also not always visible at any specific time. When you can see the northern lights in the UK primarily depend on the complex interaction between the solar wind and the magnetosphere which is also known as the Earth’s magnetic bubble. You will be able to see the northern lights Britain when the sky is clear with no light pollution. It is also more visible at night when there is darkness. Although it can sometimes be seen throughout the night but the best time to see the aurora is between 10 pm and midnight. It is not possible to see the aurora during the day in this part of the world.

It is most of the time advisable that you should keep an eye on the alert level from the AuroraWatch UK. They will give you the opportunity to know how active the northern light is at a particular time or moment. Talking of the best climatic condition to see the light, during the winter is the best time to see the aurora.

Where to see the aurora in the UK

The northern lights UK can be seen anywhere within the UK when geomagnetic conditions are highly active. You have better chances of seeing the aurora Britain the further you are to the north. There are some places in the UK where you can see the lights and these are:


If you are ready to admire the aurora in the UK, Northumberland is one of the best places to do so. This part of the United Kingdom has the darkest skies in England. In the year 2016, the northern light appeared in over Kielder Water and Forest Park in March. They were also clearly visible in the rural area surrounding the town of Berwick-on-Tweed in September. You can view the aurora from the Bamburgh lighthouse in Northumberland.

The Southwest of England

It is unlikely to see the northern lights in the southern part of England. You can have the luck of seeing the northern lights UK in the countryside. There were uncommon displays of purple and gold in which shows in the countries sky and some parts of Cornwall in early 2016. You can also see the aurora in the stretch of Cornish coastline and Exmoor national park located in north Devon.


If you are chasing the elusive aurora light, Wales is one of the best options. In recent years northern lights have appeared over the Brecon Beacons several times.

The Lake District

This is another location with the possibility of seeing the aurora in the UK. The best sighting of the light was experienced in Derwent Water near Keswick in the year 2016. When the lights reflect on the huge expanses of water in the lake, it will give you an amazing view of the northern lights.

Some of the other places in the UK where you can see the aurora are the Scottish Isles, The Highlands in Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

You can also see the UK northern lights in some hotels such as:

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