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One of the best places in the world to enjoy your holiday with your kids or family is Scotland. It is the northernmost country in the United Kingdom. It is a land with mountains and wilderness such as northwest highlands and cairngorms, intermingled with lochs (lakes) and glacial glens (valleys). Its climate is oceanic and temperate. It climate also has the tendency of changing anytime.Scotland is a country with very beautiful cities and places of attraction. You have a chance of visiting places of attractions such as Kelvingrove art gallery and museum, lochness, Edinburgh castle, Dunvegan Castle and much more. You can also see the Scotland northern lights which are nature’s very own theoretical performance and a natural wonder that has enticed mankind for many years.


Actually, the northern Scotland lies at the same latitude as Nunivak Island in Alaska, and Stavanger in Norway. So you have a very good chance of seeing the northern lights Scotland without breaking banks while taking a trip there. The Aurora Borealis is also called the Mirrie Dancers in Scotland. Even though the northern light Scotland is so enticing and enchanting, you should know the best time to visit the country so that you will not miss the amazing Aurora Borealis.

When to see the Scotland northern lights

If you are planning on going to Scotland to see the Aurora, the winter, and autumn (from September to April) are the best times of the year to see the Scotland northern lights because at this time of the year the nights are the darkest. You can also see the best of the auroras late at night or in the early hours of the morning.

The nights need to be cold and the sky clear with less or no light pollution and increased solar activities. The last Aurora that was seen in Scotland was on the 25th of September, 2016.

The peak of solar activities that results in the most period of activity for more than a decade has been predicted by NASA to be this winter. So you have the best chance of seeing the northern lights in Scotland.


With the crisps of the winter nights in the country don’t let the cloudy night destroy your chances of seeing the spectacular Scotland northern lights display which is set to be the most dramatic.

The best places to see the Scotland Aurora

The northern lights can be seen or viewed from anywhere in Scotland where there is low light pollution and the other right conditions are met. Some of the best places where you can see the auroras in Scotland are:


Compared with any other part of British Isles, Shetland is one of the best places to see the northern lights. It lies closer to the North Pole. During the winter in Shetland, seeing the aurora is one of the amazing experiences you can have.


Torridon and Assynt

If you are looking for one of the best top places to catch the fun of seeing the northern lights in the west highlands, these places can’t be ruled out. These are places with striking mountains that are instantly identifiable such as Suilven, Liathach, and More. These locations have dark skies with little or no light pollution.

Lewis and Harris

The perfect destination for chasing the Aurora Borealis is the outer Isles Lewis and Harris. As one of the most mystical locations in Scotland, the Callanish standing stones make it a perfect foreground.



This is one of the perfect foregrounds to see the light display and this is due to its McCaig’s folly. The harbor with its reflecting sea and myriad of vessels gives you a better experience of viewing the aurora.

The far north

The far north coast is one if the better place to grab a spot to see the Scotland northern lights. Though it may have a long haul,  high latitudes spots that are overlooking the Pentland Firth, provides unhindered views to the north.

Some other places where you can see the Aurora in this country are Skye, Loch Lomond, Lochaber and more. If the Aurora is really strong it can also be seen in Carlton Hill or Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.

scotland northern lights

Also, you can secure accommodation in some places so as to see northern light Scotland. These places are:

Enjoy your holiday in Scotland by viewing the astonishing Aurora!


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