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In central Virginia and Texas, the latest captivating aurora USA glows was seen. The sequence of coronal mass ejections resulting from the burst of the magnetic field and solar gas sparks intense geomagnetic field that push the aurora deep into the lower forty-eight. The northern lights were noticed in some states that have the opportunity to see the optical manifestation of a solar storm once in a while. In Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, and Arkansas, the photographers had the chance to witness the brimming hues of green, pink and purple colors. In central Virginia, those who happened to be outside by 1:30 A.M would have caught the spectacular aurora. You could also see the last northern light from Texas. Also, the recent northern light Seattle is the best aurora display that has been seen in a decade in Seattle. The northern lights Alaska has also been a wonder.

northern lights alaska

The northern lights can be watched from Alaska, USA. When the dead winter is the coolest and darkest, it marks the peak season for viewing the Alaska northern lights. You cannot afford to miss the experience, therefore, you should wake up in the middle of the night and dress warmly because of the mighty wind of Alaska. Since no one is entirely sure when or where the northern light is going to occur, it makes the northern lights Alaska difficult to predict. The tips you can use so as not to miss the aurora are:

  • The weather conditions should be clear and dark such that you can see the stars. This increases your chance of seeing the aurora borealis Alaska. In some cases when it is partially cloudy, you may have the opportunity to see the Alaska aurora but it needs to be strong enough for you to see it. Your town’s weather forecast can help you know the weather conditions to expect.
  • It is important you choose the perfect time of the day because the activity of the northern lights Alaska starts between 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. solar times. During the winter in Alaska, the best time to watch the aurora is between 11.30 p.m. to 3.30 a.m. with the peak at 1.30 a.m.

Places where you can see the northern lights Alaska


You should try Salmon Berry Tours if you are going to Anchorage. They offer day and night excursion plus transportation, to and fro Fairbanks and Talkeetna. So you will have the chance to focus on your desire to view the Northern light.


This place is one of the most reliable spots to view the aurora Alaska. Fairbanks is geographically located below the aurora oval, both up and inland where the Alaska lights are frequently seen. Since Northern Alaska Tour Company offers several hours of excursions to the North, you can try them.

The best time to see the aurora USA which shimmer and swirl are in the night and away from the city’s lights. The best season to view aurora lights in the North is during the winter. The long nights and frequency of clear nights provide outstanding opportunities to view the aurora lights. There are other destinations where you can see the northern lights, therefore, the Arctic are not the only place to view them.

Places where you can view the Northern lights in the USA include:

Idaho Panhandle National Forest and Priest Lake

These places can offer an incredible treat during the winter. These locations are approximately 80 kilometers south of the Canadian border and 150 kilometers northeast of Spokane. They are ideal places to view the northern lights as they offer dark and clear skies. The northern lights create a mirrored view of nature’s light as it reflects off the lake.

Denali National Park and Preserve

This place is located approximately 3 kilometers north of Anchorage. It has wide open spaces which are ideal for campers and hikers. There is also awesome mountain vistas and wildlife. In this place, you can see the Northern light clearly due to the lack of light pollution. The fall is the season to view the northern light. You can also see the dancing auroras in the second week of August. The Fairbanks which is located at less than 200 kilometers northeast of the park is another place to see some incredible auroras.

Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge

This place is located at approximately 250 kilometers north of Bangor. The aurora is not obstructed because Aroostook national wildlife refuge has no light pollution. The most common time for viewing the aurora is during the clear winter nights in Aroostook.

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

It is one of the northern parts of USA which extends out into Lake Superior and it is approximately 410 kilometers from Green Bay. The residents can see the lights from their backyards because the northern lights are common in this region. You can see the lights clearly in Keweenaw Peninsula or Marquette. An astonishing view can be seen on a clear night when the aurora reflects the largest lake in North America.

Cook County

The Cook County is located in the northeastern part of Minnesota and it is approximately 400 kilometers northeast of Minneapolis. Here, there are more spaces to view the light. Oberg Mountain is an ideal place to capture the aurora as it cast its glow over Moose Mountain and Oberg Lake. Aurora is regularly seen between late fall and early spring, thanks to the dark skies of Cook County.

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