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Greenland is the world’s largest Island and an autonomous nation. It is situated within the Danish realm, between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. This Island is a place that you will not regret visiting. There are various attractions like the Greenland Northern Lights that can keep you away from home for many days.

In Greenland, you need to take a boat or plane while traveling from city to city. There are no roads that connect the cities. However, this part of the world can be said to be a world apart having its most famous feature to be glaciers and icebergs. It has green mountains with beautiful flowers, hot springs, precipitous cliffs, crystal clear skies, clean air, breathtaking fjords, and northern lights all waiting for you to discover them.

greenland northern lights
Northern Lights Greenland

The biggest light show on earth which is known as aurora borealis or northern lights is one of the important attractions that must be seen during your visit to Greenland. In the world, not everybody has the opportunity of seeing the aurora. However, the Greenland northern lights are one of the amazing shows that can get you thrilled.

The northern lights in Greenland are called arsarnerit by the Greenlanders and this means “those playing ball”. They believe the aurora appears in the sky when the souls of the dead are playing ball with walrus skulls which are different from the scientific belief and fact.

When to see the Greenland northern lights

The aurora can be seen in Greenland between September and early April. The aurora is best seen when the nights are darker and the skies are clear. The best season to see the northern lights in this largest Island is during the winter when the weather is very cold. You can see the northern lights from anywhere in Greenland if you are traveling during the months and season mentioned. In the southern part of Greenland, the aurora can be seen as early as August. Lack of light pollutions, be it artificial or natural is very important for viewing the Greenland northern lights. The phenomenon takes place during the midnight and it occurs in the upper atmosphere about 100km away from the earth.

greenland northern lights

Where to see the aurora in Greenland

The aurora can be seen in almost every place in Greenland. some of the places where you can see the aurora are:


This is the capital city of Greenland that has many street lambs. These street lamps do not disturb the northern lights show in the city of Nuuk. While going home from work, people most of the time stop, pause and look up to the sky to see the clearly visible aurora.


This place is a charming town on the west coast of Greenland and it is one of the best places to see the northern lights Greenland. While watching the wonderful aurora this town has to offer you, there is also the opportunity to marvel at Icebergs and also the amazing wildlife.


The aurora Greenland can best be seen here because it is situated right in the middle of the aurora borealis belt where the phenomenon is best experienced. This is a place where most of the tourists visiting Greenland arrive; this means you will be welcomed by the astonishing northern lights. This place is characterized by frequent clear night and lack of light pollution. So you are assured of the dancing Greenland northern lights.


This is also a good place to see the aurora in Greenland. It is the second largest city in Greenland which is located in the central-western part of the Island. The skies are most of the time dark and clear with lesser light pollution.


The night sky of Yukon is always set on fire by the northern lights with white peak mountain ranges dominating the horizon. This part of Greenland is a reliable place to see the aurora. You can plan to take a trip down to Yukon because one of the best chances of viewing the northern lights lies here.

When visiting Greenland, you can stay in some hotels where you can also have the opportunity or chance of seeing the Greenland northern lights. Some of these lodges are:

The northern lights in Greenland can make your holiday or vacation becomes one of a kind, unique and fun-filled. Why wait when you can catch the next flight going to Greenland!



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